A multidirectional leg exercise which strengthens the quads, calves and glutes. Ideal for skiers.

  1. This exercise only really requires a ball and a wall but for a bit more of a challenge you could always hold some dumbbells to increase the work done by the legs.
  2. Begin standing with a ball against a wall and turn so that you're facing away from the wall, leaning against the ball which should be positioned in your lower back. The first part of the movement involves you squatting down as in a normal ball squat, bending at the knees to right angles.
  3. Next, you begin to stand up but as you reach full extension pop up onto your toes and pivot both feet to one side, to about an angle of 45 ̊. Let the heels return to the floor and squat down again at your new angle. Again, as you return to the top of the movement, pop and pivot 90 ̊ to the other side and repeat.
  4. Try sets of 10 squats to each side (so 20 in total, alternating from side to side). If you need to adjust the position of the ball, do so with your hands without interrupting your rhythm. Try to breath out every time you stand up and maintain a straight upper body throughout the movement.
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