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YIN Foundational Principles of Health:

6 principles of health

YANG Foundational Principles of Health

By improving all six of the foundational principles you can improve your health, remove the niggling aches and pains, avoid illness, expensive visits to the doctor and consequential prescription of medical drugs. You will have limitless energy, a robust immune system, strong muscles, bones and fully functioning organs. You'll develop a positive outlook and a lust for life, be emotionally stable and have a sharp mind. By building your health on these solid foundations you'll look good, feel good and be able to live your dream....

The six foundational principles of health can be split into two categories, Yin and Yang. An excess in any of the foundational principles would indicate an excess of the category it belongs to. So too much thinking i.e. worrying, particularly negative (stinking) thinking (i.e. depressed mood) may indicate a Yang dominance whereas too much sleep would indicate a Yin dominance and so on. As mentioned earlier, someone who is predominantly Yang dominant tends to exhibit an excess of the Yang principles and a lack of the Yin principles. In other words, being Yang dominant usually means you're thinking too much (anxious and stressed), breathing too quickly (chest breathing as opposed to diaphragmatic breathing or just taking more breaths than average), and means you're moving too much either due to over-training, injury, poor postural alignment or as a result of a physical, labour-intense occupation. It also likely means that you are dehydrated or at least the quality of the water you drink is poor, your are undernourished and you aren't getting enough quality sleep, rest and relaxation

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