The Zercher squat offers unique front loaded strength and real world movement applications for strength, power, and functional fitness.

3 Benefits of the Zercher squat include:

1. Increase Quadriceps Hypertrophy and Strength

Increased quadriceps engagement and development due to higher degrees of knee flexion reached at the bottom of the squat (sometimes even more than the front squat). Similar to the loading mechanics on the lower body as the front squat, this movement can be done under conscious, slow, and controlled movements to really target quadriceps hypertrophy.

2. Improved Squat Mechanics

Develop proper hip and knee movement integrity. When done correctly, this movement will force a very upright positioning, one that requires a high degree of knee flexion. The hips must also increase range of motion due to a slightly wider stance and the ability to gain greater depth that many lifters may experience.

3. Reinforce Postural Integrity

Upper back and postural strength is stressed to the highest of degrees throughout this squatting movement as the barbell is placed in the crooks of the elbows. Lack of keeping an upright torso will force the lifter to flex the biceps and elbows harder, which are early signs of a weak upright positioning. This movement can often only be done with moderate to heavy loads when using an upright position rather than leaning forward and using the biceps.

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