What and how much we think affects how our bodies function.

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Fact: Too much thinking in the form of stress, anxiety or worry triggers the fight or flight response and consequently causes us to release more of the catabolic hormones used in survival situations.

Now, the release of these hormones isn't a problem over the short term. In fact without these hormones we wouldn't have survived to be top of the food chain like we are today. However, the problems occur when we stay in the state of survival and continue to activate the sympathetic nervous system over a number of years, not finding a balance and stopping us from repairing the damage caused.

Evolution diagram from ape to upright man to man hunched over a computer

Modern living throws many forms of daily stress at us and thus nowadays we all spend a lot of time in this survival mode. Every thought has an emotion attached to it. Without emotions we wouldn't even realise we were thinking ! Thoughts and emotions can affect the energy fields and vibrational frequencies of your body. Negative thoughts (stinkin thinkin) can negatively affect your health. And poor health can negatively affect your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality.

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Your body is the home of your emotions and thoughts. Only a healthy body can choose its own positive thoughts. But a sick body produces only sick thoughts. For example, if every day that you wake up you have back pain, pain produces fear, and fear produces stress hormones putting you into a state of survival, causing the body to break itself down. The biology of your body is closely linked to your subconscious mind, emotions and thoughts - If every day you're in pain and you're in a state of fear then you're negatively affecting your thoughts and emotions which leads to a negative internal and external environment which just further negatively affects your biology and so the vicious circle goes on...

Water crystal

There is research out there that has looked at water and its ability to store information, particularly the vibrational frequencies of energy. They found that energy can affect the structure of water. Negative energy can be detrimental whilst positive energy can enhance the structure of water. Under a microscope it would appear that positive energy (i.e. the energy linked with positive emotions like love and gratitude) can create some amazing, elaborate structures when you photograph water as it freezes and crystalises.

Now consider the importance of water to every biological process and that your body is at least 70% water. Food for thought...

A happy beatiful woman

Happy, beautiful thoughts create a happy, beautiful body and a happy, beautiful body creates happy, beautiful thoughts.

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