A full body exercise - works most muscle groups

  1. Lie on your back and use two hands to position a kettlebell to the lockout position of one arm (lets say the right arm). keep the arm locked out at all times.
  2. Bring your right leg in and use your right leg to pivot to the left. roll onto your left triceps and keep rolling until your hand touches the floor. use your left hand and right leg to drive forward. as you are driving forward, bring your left leg in and take your right leg forward. now keep driving forward until you are in the bottom position of a lunge.
  3. Take a second to gather yourself and then stand up.
  4. To complete the rep, reverse the movement to get back to the starting position. do a lunge back to the bottom, then place your left hand behind your back until you feel the ground. bring your legs forward and use your left arm to guide you back to the starting position. take a second to gather yourself and then proceed to another repetition. try 5 reps each side
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