A real hip power developing exercise specifically targeting the glutes, back and hamstrings

  1. Choose an appropriately sized kettlebell. 16-20kg for men and 8-12kg for women
  2. The starting position involves standing upright with the kettlebell gripped in both hands in front of you. begin by swinging the kettlebell out in front of you away from the hips.
  3. As the kettlebell begins to fall back towards your body, start to bend forward at the hips (push your bum backwards) and at the knees allowing the kb to swing down and back between your legs. Keep your back straight, head up and bend at the hips then thrust the hips forward again reversing the direction of the kb. The legs should straighten fully and the hips push forwards quickly bringing you back to your upright starting position. Once the kb has reached max height (about shoulder height) allow the kb to drop again and repeat
  4. This movement must be done explosively, especially the forward thrust of the hips (the snap). Abs must remain tight and pulled in throughout and remember to exhale forcefully during the snap too. try 20 reps
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