Are you getting enough pure, mineral-rich, filtered water ?


Most people nowadays don't drink enough pure, good quality water. They drink coffee, tea, juice, soda and alcohol. Each day you should be drinking 0.033 multiplied by your body weight (in kilograms) of pure water in litres. So a 100kg person should be drinking 3.3litres per day !

Drinking tea or juice or sports drinks does not count ! These are examples of solutes, meaning they are substances like sugar or tea dissolved in water. In order for your body to be able to absorb and assimilate a solute your body actually needs to pull water out of your body in order to be able to dilute it to the ideal ratio of water to solute to properly metabolise and digest it. This essentially dehydrates the body. Coffee and tea is actually a food. Drinking anything with something other than water in it is actually a food and therefore requires energy for the body to digest it.


The human body is largely made of water. Every biochemical reaction in the body (there's 10 billion biochemical reactions per second in the human body !) is water dependant so without water your biochemistry begins to collapse and ill-health begins to occur. If you're dehydrated, as an emergency measure, you're body has the ability to draw water from your body by squeezing any water that's in the colon and re-absorbing it.

The problem with this is that the colon is where we temporarily store the waste toxins that our body has chosen to eliminate and therefore when we squeeze the faeces in the colon to get some more water so the body can function properly we not only reabsorb water but we also reabsorb toxic chemicals that our body has already chosen to get rid of. Unfortunately, in this day in age, our environment is full of toxicity.


There's toxins in our food, in our air and there's even toxic waste in our oceans. This leads to a highly toxic body which brings all sorts of problems with it.

The best solution to pollution is dilution !

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