Dr. Happiness, a Yang physician, is always there to lead us toward a life that fulfils our individual needs. Dr. Happiness advises us that if we lead a life that doesn’t fit with our core values and doesn’t fulfil us, every facet of our life becomes a burden. So, the less your current lifestyle fits with your core values, the more frequently your fight or flight system is active.


The important guiding truth that this doctor offers is that happiness is an essential feature of genuine lasting health. Dr. Happiness shows you how to create and undertake the deep introspective study and intention to discover what makes you truly happy.

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While the other doctors certainly manage stress governed by the impact to the hormonal system, it’s the lifestyle choices that we make that most frequently trigger the fight or flight system.


As you are well aware of by now, chronic stress means that the natural rhythms of your hormonal system have been disrupted.

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Because the body’s hormones are so deeply connected to all of our body’s functions, the disruption of the hormonal system can have a broad range of effects affecting many areas of life.

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Fortunately, you’ll know when Dr. Happiness is telling you that your lifestyle is interfering with your hormones when you start to experience some of the following symptoms:

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If you find that you are suffering from any of these conditions, the first recommendation from Dr. Happiness is to look inward to see if you are sacrificing your core values for the pursuit of some form of success in direct violation of your values. Remember that happiness is essential to health!

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