Dear Client,

As you may or may not know, Bodyguards has recently undergone a bit of a change. On Wednesday 7th March, Duncan Edwards and Tony Douglass officially took over from Steve Denby as joint owners of the company. This is an exciting time for Bodyguards as the new owners are young, talented and passionate about health and fitness, and we hope you will begin to see the effects of our enthusiasm very soon.

Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your patience through the transitional period, as we know it must have been confusing and unsettling for everyone. Our aim as the new management is to ensure that the clients come first and that our levels of customer service are constantly improving to meet your needs. To get things moving in the right direction, we have included a client questionnaire with this letter. We would be grateful if you could fill it in and return it to us, as we would be very interested to hear your views on the service Bodyguards currently provides, and any improvements you feel are necessary.

There are exciting plans ahead for the future of Bodyguards. As well as the general repairs, health & safety precautions and maintenance that need immediate implementation, we have plans for improving the overall look of the gym. To highlight just a few of the improvements and changes in our proposed revamp: we aim to bring in some new, high quality equipment; change the layout so it’s more user-friendly; and give the gym a bit of a design overhaul. These improvements should help to enhance the atmosphere in the gym, as well as improving the level of service we can provide for you. We also promise not to make unnecessary changes to the door code, instead ensuring only members and trainers have access to the code to maintain security. Looking a little further into the future, we are hoping to implement some new technology, including software packages that will hold all client and trainer information in one place, making the running of the gym smoother and more efficient for all concerned.

A couple of administration requests next, please. You will find enclosed with this letter a form for your new standing orders. We need you to fill these in and hand to your trainer (or pop in the post) as soon as you can so that we can get our records up to date as quickly as possible. As you should already know this is not a subscription which ties you down and can be cancelled at any time once we’ve been informed. You will also be asked to read through and sign a new Client Contract, which just covers some basic ground rules under the new management. If you have any queries about the contracts, or any worries about anything covered in this letter, please speak to either Duncan or Tony who will be happy to explain any unclear points.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and hope that you are as excited about this new phase of Bodyguards as we are.

Yours sincerely,

Duncan Edwards, Partner Tony Douglass, Partner

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