Happy New Year!!

Firstly, all of us here at BodyGuards would like to wish you a happy New Year!

Our aim is to build on the already high reputation of the service that we offer to our clients here at Bodyguards and provide private high quality training through our vastly qualified and experienced trainers. We can train you at home, in your office or at our newly refurbished private gym which is now equipped with high quality functional equipment that allows us to train everyone, whether you are an elite athlete or just needing help to get back to fitness and an improved lifestyle.

We intend to use our experience, enthusiasm and new ideas to continue to build on the level of service we already provide. Of course your feedback is invaluable so please let us know if you have anything to suggest…

We look forward to seeing you in the gym soon. Tony & Dunk

What’s been happening?


You may have noticed the redecoration of the changing rooms. This is an ongoing project and we appreciate your patience. Together with the new bits of functional equipment we have recently purchased, we hope you agree, the gym is constantly being enhanced.


We would like to encourage clients to log on to the site to keep up to date with fitness issues and events that are happening at the gym.

In addition to the website, do take a look at the nutrition and lifestyle board that is displayed on the gym wall. We hope it will provide you with helpful and up to date information on relevant nutritional issues, giving ideas on how to implement these lifestyle changes.

We are also now running a weight management and nutritional advice evening every Wednesday night at 7.30. Please ask one of the team for more info.

Bring a Friend

Our NEW “Bring a Friend” promotion allows you to bring a friend to one of your training sessions. So if you have a friend or colleague who you think may be interested why not bring them along and let them see what all the fuss is about!

Food Intolerance & Vitamin / Mineral Screening

You must have read dozens of articles saying what you should or should not eat, drink, or take as a supplement. You may also have noticed that the advice works perfectly for some people, but not for others, including yourself. That's because everyone’s body is different.

What is good for one person can be quite unsuitable for another. Therefore, an accurate health programme can only be calculated after an individual assessment, using an accurate screening technique.

The Asyra System has the ability to quickly and accurately screen the body for food sensitivities and for any vitamin and mineral imbalances.

To find out more or book an assessment ask you trainer or call Pip on tel: 07900846617

Congratulations to…

Faye Farthing who is one of our recent new additions on winning a Silver medal at the recent ITF Taekwon Do European Championships.

What is Your BioSignature ?

The smooth functioning of our body and our body composition is largely dependent on all of its systems working efficiently and its biochemistry being in balance. When they are out of balance then problems occur:

New Year Circuits

You can also take advantage of the circuit class on Tuesday evenings at 8pm. This is another great way to complement your personal training, providing a fun, safe and effective means of increasing your cardio vascular fitness, core stability, flexibility and general fitness. £5

So why not come along? – Tuesday 8-9 pm

Refer a friend

Due to its success we are continuing to run our “Refer a friend” promotion. So if you have a friend or colleague who you think may be interested why not refer them and receive 1 free session and a BodyGuards t-shirt for yourself and allow your friend to benefit from a free wellness assessment.

Welcome New Trainers

As you may have noticed there are a few new faces around the gym.

We are proud to welcome such a wealth of knowledge and experience to our ranks.

Recipe of the month: Leek and Potato Soup



Heat the butter in a saucepan, and add the sliced leeks to it when the butter begins to foam. Sweat for 1-2 minutes. Add the diced potatoes, the thyme, chives and garlic and sauté for 6-8 minutes. Pour in the stock and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Add the chopped parsley to garnish and serve. Why not try using Organic Vegetables from North Country Organics. www.northcountryorganics.co.uk

Trainer Profile

Sam Bardon

Sam is one of our newest recruits but is an experienced trainer with abundant enthusiasum!! He is a keen footballer and is our resident 5-a-side Captain.

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