The ‘Yin’ to the ‘Yang’ - its ‘all the other stuff’ that helps you get the results YOU want !

Do you struggle to get the results you’re after despite exercising regularly and trying different diets ?

Want to live a healthier lifestyle?

Interested in holistic living?

Would you like to know where and how you could improve your current level of health and live life to the full again ?

The holistic health approach acknowledges that ‘fit’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘healthy’ and that the human body is a system of systems all of which interact and communicate with each other and create homeostasis, balancing the overall health of the body.

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Finding balance in your life is an important part to creating optimal health and allowing your body to make the changes you desire.

Holistic Lifestyle Planning assesses your current state of overall health and allows us to prioritise which areas of your lifestyle could be improved to have the largest impact on overall health improvement.

The programme assesses and then focuses on what you eat, stress, sleep-wake cycles, when you eat, circadian health, digestion, toxicity and provides you with a basic version of metabolic typing. Then using the ‘foundational principles of health’ we can design a holistic living plan for you to follow, with regular support, helpsheets, reading matter, educational DVDs, MP3s and resources.

Holistic Lifestyle Planning

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