Director / Exercise Specialist / Holistic Lifestyle Coach / Metabolic Typing Advisor

Dunk Edwards

As a student, Dunk developed a very scientific approach to health and fitness, specialising in the biomechanics of sports and human motor control. Before joining Bodyguards in 2001, he worked in a variety of health clubs in Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle in a range of roles from Gym Instructor/Lifestyle Consultant to Membership Advisor and Deputy Manager, coaching sports on the side. Now the owner and director of Bodyguards, with 15+ years experience in the industry, Dunk recently qualified as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, a Metabolic Typing Advisor and is currently a student at the CHEK Academy. He continues to specialise in correctional exercise and postural alignment, high performance strength & conditioning, core stability, injury rehabilitation (particularly spinal pathologies) and biomechanics of sports (golf, swimming, football, skiing and squash to name but a few) but nowadays Dunk takes a much more holistic approach utilising CHEK methods and principles with particular emphasis on lifestyle, diet, digestion and stress management.