All of our Health & Fitness Coaches are handpicked for their exceptional levels of knowledge, intelligence, skill and their passion for health & fitness. Training with a Health & Fitness expert at Bodyguards is:


You don’t always have to flog yourself in order to improve your fitness or general health. Often the key to enabling development is to identify the weaker areas and work on them primarily. All too often people overtrain without any improvement and their training reaches a plateau. Remember variety is one of the most important elements of an effective training program and at Bodyguards we make a point of periodising your program so that improvement is steady but constant using functional training that will apply specifically to you.


Our prices vary depending on how often you receive personal training sessions each week and for how long. Bodyguards Personal Training is highly effective and efficient in terms of your time and money thus costs can be minimal. We encourage additional gym use and help design personalised home programs at no extra cost.


All Bodyguards trainers are kept up to date with the latest in equipment and training/teaching techniques within the health & fitness industry. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of all technological and scientific developments within our chosen profession.


All equipment and training methods are safe in order to reduce all possibility of risk of injury. Your personalised program will be designed and progressed periodically so that improvement is constant and achievable. There’s no point in doing an exercise that is too far beyond your level of capability, which could in fact cause injury. At Bodyguards we feel that progression needs to be sensibly planned and timed according to your needs.


One of our main aims is to ensure you enjoy your time at Bodyguards. Of course you will need to work hard at times but above all you must have fun whilst exercising. All of our trainers know how to have a laugh and want to enjoy their profession as much as possible and this is passed on to their clients in their training.


Your training should be educational. Our years of experience have demonstrated that a client progresses quickest when they understand why and exactly how to do each specific exercise. If something makes sense then generally a client is more likely to want to do it more regularly and more accurately. This again contributes to training efficiency.


Everybody needs a different level of encouragement, some more than others. Bodyguards trainers know when and how to provide this support by inspiring their client with appropriate motivational methods. The trainers are sub contracted and therefore are highly motivated themselves and want you to succeed.

Scientifically supported

All the exercises and advice we provide is scientifically researched and proven. We don’t believe in gimmicks or fads and therefore the majority of equipment we use is very basic but highly effective. It has been increasingly publicised recently that most pieces of equipment you would find in your average gym are more detrimental to your body than good and this is one of the main factors that makes Bodyguards different. We know what is good for you and understand that everyone is different, making our service uniquely personal.