Personal Trainer / Exercise Specialist

Lindsay McCubbin

Lindsay is a highly qualified and experienced fitness professional. With us at bodyguards since 2009 Lindsay is focusing on one-to-one clients, group classes and team fitness coaching and is able to deliver varied levels of fitness techniques, programmes and regimes, along with nutritional advice, flexibility and strengthening exercises, with clear communication, exceptional training and a professional delivery to each client. Lindsay has a variety of coaching qualifications from level 1 and 2 FA football coaching badges, level 1 qualifications in basketball, tennis, rounder’s and cricket. Having also worked for a variety of development schemes coordinating, planning and coaching sports activities at a high standard, Lindsay has coached the women’s football team at the University of Northumbria in 2012. Lindsay has also travelled to Kenya doing charity projects, working in sport and exercise with orphans and street children, as well as being head coach for a soccer camp over in the states.