My wife Val and I joined Bodyguards in November 2012.

In my time at the gym, as a result of the training I have received from Duncan my Personal Trainer, I have experienced improved posture and increased flexibility when running, swimming and of course riding my bike for both leisure and competing.

Perhaps more significantly though, as a result of the initial diet and food profiling, I have seen not only improvements in my performance on my bike but in my quality of everyday life.

As a result of many years of riding my bicycle in a more or less static position my core stability, strength, power, agility and ultimately speed were beginning to suffer. This could have resulted in me needing to have a couple of years away from competing. However, Duncan addressed many of these issues through his design and management of my training programme, which targeted my primal movements using hypertrophy and injury management advice as I progressed.

Due to improvements in my general and sports specific fitness, I became motivated to attempt Triathlon and Duathlon competitions. Support in terms of training advice and encouragement from all the Bodyguards trainers has resulted in my qualification in the ITU Age Group, Duathlon World Championships in Spain in June 2014 and the European Championships in 2015.

In May 2014 I attended a Triathlon Training Camp in the Lake District, which was run by Tony and Seb and contained a high level of professional training and advice which dovetailed excellently with my existing training plan. The camp was very sport specific and covered a wide range of crucial techniques and drills for Triathlon such as open water swimming and transitions.

The atmosphere in the gym is always friendly and conducive to wanting to train, I enjoy every session and the feeling of having been encourage to work to the best of my abilities and level of fitness. It’s great to know that before each session I can chat about any concerns I might have regarding potential injuries, future competitions or my wellbeing.