About 2 years ago, as a very unfit 42 year old, I attended Bodyguards on the recommendation of a friend where I met Duncan Edwards.

Following an induction which indicated that I had almost no upper body strength at all !! I started a training program with Duncan to address general fitness, core strength and upper body strength.

I have for almost 15 years suffered from lower back pain. During my training and various discussions with Duncan it became clear that this pain was being caused by my very weak core along with both hamstring and glute muscle tightness. Within 3 months of starting at the gym my lower back pain had gone and through regular stretching exercises given by Duncan, I now no longer suffer from lower back pain. It is difficult to describe to someone who has not suffered from this type of pain how it can limit your life and how fantastic it is to no longer suffer. I only wish I had known 15 years ago what I know now.

As a very keen golfer I have been able to have a very specific training regime put together by Duncan to improve my balance, core stability and power. This has helped me lower my handicap from 12 to 7 in the 1st 18 months. (Please note I do not claim that Duncan alone made this happen but my improved fitness, balance and core power have certainly allowed me to make take my game to another level).

Prior to meeting Duncan I assumed that having a personal trainer was a bit of a "fashion statement" but through my personal experince I believe it is an investment in your health and general well being allowing your training to be tailored exactly to your needs and personal goals. I would not hesitate to recommend Duncan to anyone looking to work with a personal trainer.

Steve Roxborough Company Director