To me the art of personal training involves the understanding of the clients needs and expectations and the trainer getting the most out of each client. I'm sure Duncan looked at me and didn't have high hopes for me or my prolonged dedication.

However odd things happen when you become inspired by the knowledge passed on to you by your trainer and how he approaches motivating you to getting things on course and maintaining them. Duncan will make anyone achieve there hopes if they are focused and I'm an example of this.

The gym at Bodyguards is a place to lose yourself and embrace a new healthier lifestyle. In my experience you will never hit your goals if you are worried about the next thing on your agenda and you need to make time in your life for your health.

Time training should be an enjoyable escape. It's been better for me than any drug and has made me happy, healthy and much more knowledgeable about what it takes to maintain this state.

Daniel Thompson 48 years old Started Jan 2012 96kg Today a much happier and healthier 76kg

Thanks to Duncan and all the Bodyguards Team.