Dear Steve,

It is now six months since I hobbled into your gym on the recommendation of my chiropractor, Luke Ramsay. Having suffered severe pelvic and sacrum fractures in a bicycle accident last summer and spent most of the following months pretty immobile and in pain I had begun to think that I would never get back to my previous level of health and fitness.

And I am convinced that would have been the case had I not come to you and the Bodygaurds' team. These last few months have been a revelation - thanks to your unique and individual training regime, support and encouragement, I have regained my strength and mobility and improved my fitness beyond my expectations.

Unlike other gyms I've attended each session is different and rewarding with the result that I enjoy and look forward to each one - no matter how much my muscles ache afterwards!

To you, and, Nick, my grateful and sincere thanks.


Christine Williams