Dear Joanne,

I felt after nearly four months of training under your guidance it was high time I put pen to paper.

I must admit that I never previously thought I would ever have the need for a personal trainer, having kept myself fit and competed to quite a high standard. However the last four months has changed my thinking totally.

I came recommended to you on the back of an injury, having not trained for six months and having lost all confidence. Almost immediately your infectious enthusiasm and positive mind set started to bring about a change in me. It was also apparent after a few weeks that your understanding of the body and how it works is comprehensive. For the first time ever I was adopting a logical approach to training by going back to basics and focussing first on all the areas of weakness within my body.

After five or six sessions when I could see the progress we were starting to make the confidence started to surge back. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed training so much before and anticipate each session with great eagerness. I would also like to mention that one of the reasons I enjoy it so much is the obvious planning you must put into every session, so that repetition is minimal. I always feel that I am moving forward and the transformation in four months for me is extraordinary.

It is a milestone for me next year as I will be 40 and yet I firmly belive under your direction I will be the fittest I have ever been in my life and looking forward to competing in a 72 hour multi-event in Sweden, unthinkable six months ago.

You are a star – thank you!

Clive Mitchell