I have attended Bodyguards for the past three years during which time I have trained almost exclusively with Duncan Edwards. I train with Duncan two or three times per week. The traihlng week is divided into Cardio Vascular. Core Stability and Strength Training and Duncan manages to make the potentially arduous task of actually going to the gym into a pleasure rather than a chore.

I have suffered from lower back problems for several years during which time I have received chiropractic treatment, but with limited success, Since embarking on a core exercise programme with Duncan my back has shown significant improvement, I am now able to run several kilometres at a reasonable pace without the fear of a reoccurrence of my disc problems or Sciatica which had previously been disabling at times.

As a result of my newfound fitness (and more importantly, resilience to my longstanding back ailments) I have been able to resurrect an old pursuit; up until I encountered problems with my lower spine I was a keen member of the reserve forces and have recently re-enlisted as an RAF Regiment Gunner. This involves attending several fairly gruelling training courses. Duncan has reacted accordingly by designing a pre-military training programme which was course specific whilst assuring I didn't aggravate my back in the process. The results have been impressive at the age of 44 I was by far the fittest man out of a squadron of sixteen far younger men at a recent fitness assessment for the regiment.

Duncan's pragmatic approach to health issues, coupled with his wealth of sports science knowledge, enthusiasm and good humour make him the perfect choice for someone considering embarking on a personal training programme and I have no hesitation in recommending Duncan Edwards to anyone serious about not only getting fit. but more importantly, staying fit throughout life.

David King Director Fluid Group