I was first introduced to Steve Denby and Bodyguards by my chiropractor, Luke Ramsey. Although quite physically fit I had suffered from chronic back pain for some years, and it was suggested that rather than just fix problems as theu occur Bodyguards methods might in fact prevent injury, help me to enjoy an active lifestyle, and sustain a healthy future. Although sceptical at first, I met Steve for an assesment and was so impresses by his knowledge, enthusiasm and confidence that I began a weekly training program straight away.

I quickly began to feel the benefits, and now, over a year later, I feel better, fitter, and stronger at 40 than at any time over the last 7 years. My thanks go to Steve and his people, but particularly to Wayne Hedley, my personal trainer, who has pushed my harder than I thought possible and by doing so has helped me to make a considerable improvement in my own quality of life.

I always look forward to my training sessions, they are varied, challenging, and fun - never dull - and hope to continue my improvement for years to come.

David Lavery