Dear Nick,

I just thought that it was about time that I put into writing the benefits I am now feeling from our sessions at the gym.

I must admit that at first, when Deryck suggested coming for a wellness assessment I was sceptical. I have always loathed gyms (and exercise in general) and I really didn’t see the point in wasting yet more money on something I knew I wouldn’t stick to.

But something about your wellness assessments made me think again. You looked at my posture and explained to me that was why I sometimes had a sore back. You looked at my medical history and said you could work with that and not around it. Far from making me feel terrible, it made me feel better about myself and my chances of improving: so I signed up.

I haven’t looked back. My posture is noticeably improving, my general feeling of wellbeing has shot through the roof, and although I still don’t relish the thought of coming to the gym on cold winter mornings I somehow make it three times a week. You’ve even brainwashed me enough into buying a skipping rope to take on holiday with me so I can carry on exercising even when I am away!

I have never had two sessions the same, and whilst you push me, you know when to let me have a break. My sessions are always fun and although I sometimes curse you when I am feeling achy the next day, I am really starting to get a buzz from using muscles I never knew existed.

Most importantly, thanks to you, I am not going to be demanding that my photo only be taken from the neck up on holiday!

Thanks for everything

Gillian Hall Mancala Technology Limited