I have trained at BodyGuards for the past 8 years and whilst not the most enthusiastic of trainers I had managed to attain a modest level of fitness. In addition to the gym I also rode a bike and played golf, but did not do this particularly well.

About 3 years ago I changed trainers and began to have my sessiqns with Duncan. I haa decided that perhaps an injection of youth and enthusiasm may change my attitude to my training philosophy! Duncan has over the last 3 years significantly improved my fitness levels and helpffd me to combat the ageing process.

I should point out that during the period with Duncan I was in full time employment as the Group Personnel Director of Greggs pIc. So fitting training in with a fairly busy working life was important, as well as ensuring the training improved my general level of fitness and my other sporting activities.

Duncan has spent time to find training programmes that have significantly helped to improve my golf game. This has been done by both improving my flexibility, as well as improving my core strength and power. My handicap has plummeted from 22 to 13 over this period.

In addition Duncan has helped me recover fitness after a cycling accident in June 2005 when I was knocked off my bike by a car.

In 2006 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumour which required both chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment as well as surgery. All the doctors treating me commented that my level of fitness for my age, a spring chicken at 61, would help with both my treatment and recovery.

I coped with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy without major problems and Duncan was able to tailor training programmes to allow me to continue training while undergoing treatment. After surgery I was back in light training within 2 weeks and back to a reasonable level of fitness towards the end of 2006. I do not believe I could have achieved this without Duncan's ability to develop training programmes to suit me and to aid my recovery.

I would recommend Duncan as a trainer to anyone. Ian