Dear Steve,

We wanted to let you know how much we feel we are benefiting from our weekly training with BodyGuards and our "drop-in" sessionas at the Malmaison gym. Having been recruited at the 50+ exhibition at Eldon Leisure by Craig (who had Joy on the floor doing stretching exercises!) we signed up and came for our "Wellness Checks" in early May this year.

Initially we were most impressed by the thoroughness of that Wellness Check, which resulted in us both recieving heath monitoring by our won G.P. In terms of general fitness at that time, your assessment identified for eash of us precisely what areas we needed to work on and how we should get started.

Following our first training sessions with you personally and with Craig, we started work on a weekly basis with Joanne. We have found the training varied, interesting, demanding and even when really strenuous it has always been most enjoyable. We look forward to our weekly sessions, which we now have regularly on a Monday morning - it sets us up for the week! At the end of the week we top ourselves up with a drop-in session at the Mal, where we appreciate the professional support of the BodyGuard on duty! The excellent facilities there are certainly value for money.

We feel sure that it is the regular contact with our personal trainer, and the other staff too, which helps maintain our motivation to train twice a week. Our recent reassessment gave us demonstable evidence of improved levels of fitness which we had already felt, after four months, we were achieving.

We really appreciate the service you are providing and we look forward to continuing with our progress.

Yours sincerely,

Jim and Joy Farms