I first came to Bodyguards 18 months after having my second child, to conquer the backache l had been suffering and generally lose some weight and increase my energy levels.

Training with Dave once a week has made a massive difference to my life.

Despite running my own business and having two small children, I make a point of doing my training at Bodyguards - it is by far the best hour I put aside for myself each week.

I soon found drop-in sessions were harder for me to fit in, so Dave persuaded me to try taking up unning.

When I began training I couldn't even complete some of the fitness tests and I hated the running machine

This year I completed the Great North Run in 2.5 hours, and I still enjoy running as my cardio sessions outside of my personal training. I have already signed up for three competitive running events in 2008.

My backache has disappeared completely, and I have lost 3 inches off my waist and 5% overall body fat.

The most dramatic difference however has been to generate a love of exercise, something I thought would never happen.

I would recommend Dave Crandon or any of the friendly and professional team at Bodyguards to anyone who wants to get fit properly and enjoy more out of life.

Kari Owens Managing Director O Communications (PR and Design)