Who would have thought that at 61 years of age I would have been given so much pleasure, fitness and fun from having a personal trainer --- certainly not me at the time I started.

In September 1994 I was overweight, depressed and had never done any form of fitness training in my life apart from leading a very busy business life.

Being overweight I survived on crash diets for years with no real effect.

Depression was “REAL” and a great worry to me. A friend recommended Steve to me and being at a very low point at that time I agreed to start.

From the very first lesson he encouraged me to believe that I could achieve a better level of fitness.

I often suffered stiffness the morning after but the enthusiasm of my trainer and the help he gave me during that first year had been tremendous.


I can honestly say that it has been the best year of my life. The depression lifted as I worked out taking away all the aggression and frustration of a hectic working life. I no longer rely on tablets and my determination was that much greater. I started to eat a healthy diet – my body changed shape losing a lot of extra fat.

My staff even noticed the dramatic change in my outlook and overall good health.

I have always been an early riser and spent those hours by smoking and drinking coffee. That is all behind me and I now work out from 7am – 8am every morning and am ready now for the day ahead.

I have 2 lessons a week with my trainer and look forward to him coming.

I personally couldn’t have done it alone --- it was Steve who managed to motivate and encourage me to believe in myself. The result has been a complete new way of life.