Dear BodyGuards

A knee surgery due to a skiing injury left me with little choice, but to build back my strength. Years of hard work, little play and unsuccessful diets had also seen the kilos creep on.

Steve Denby convinced me that physical rehabilitation and weight loss could be a problem shared and solved by joining personal training at BodyGuards.

Now after four months of training principally with Jesper I am fitter than I have been for years and back on the slopes. For the first time in my life I am loosing rather than gaining weight. I am not naturally athletic, and have always viewed most exercises as highly tedious. BodyGuards are a relaxing and even enjoyable place to work out. It lacks the pretension and intimidation of most other gyms.

My exercise program, attention and enthusiasm from Jesper are the single biggest factor in me having achieved my goals. Giving the results he has produced it is excellent value for money, and the motivation factor involved in personal training is the reason I am still training at BodyGuards.


Lucy Clarke Specialist Registrar