Testimonial for Martin Nugent

I have trained with Martin for almost four months at “BodyGuards” in Edmond. I would describe martin as being an enthusiastic, professional, driven and supportive trainer who has the ability to bring fun into each of the sessions I have had with him.

As a rule, I consider exercise to be something which is more necessary than enjoyable, however I have not yet felt any “dread” prior to my sessions with martin as I have always been confident that he will not push me beyond my own limits and will give thorough consideration to making the experience a pleasant one. I have also found martin to be very knowledgeable when I have had questions in relation to the benefits of certain exercise regimes or approaches, and he obviously is very keen to expand his own expertise for the benefit of his clients.

Aside from using Martin’s services as a trainer, I have also undertaken a metabolic typing test. Martin took me through the full detail of the questionnaire before I completed it to ensure that I fully understood it was looking for, and again spent considerable time with me when the results were received.

In both of the areas above, Martin has always made himself freely available for advice and guidance if I have needed it and he has such an approachable manner that I would never have any concerns about asking for his advice. I feel he has treated me more as a friend than a client in the time that I have known him.

I have only chosen to stop my sessions with Martin for financial reasons as I hope to start a new life overseas in the near future. If this new life choice had not come about, then I would imagine that I would have continued to train with Martin indefinitely, as I had been seeing very tangible benefits.

I would wish Martin much deserved success in his own future.

Margaret Wilson.