Dear Tony

I just wanted to thank you for your patience, words of encouragement, unflappability and determination in helping me to achieve my goals during the past few months.

When I joined Bodyguards in Summer 2005, the plan was to improve my upper body mobility and flexibility as well as my fitness. Recent events have proven that the programme is working with an amazing effect on my posture and flexibility and my range and extent of movement has improved enormously. I know I'm not the easiest of clients given my lack of co- ordination, my need to analyse every instruction before I can attempt to do it and difficulty in following even simple instructions but if you can succeed with me then it proves both your skills and the value of the Bodyguards service.

I'm extremely grateful for your help and look forward to the day when I can both exercise and talk at the same time without falling over.

Yours sincerely

Michelle Fraser