I joined Bodyguards Gym one year ago on the recommendation of a friend who has trained there for several years. I'm in my forties, a larger lady whose natural habitat is not a Gymnasium and I found it embarrassing to even put on a tracksuit. However, I was at a point where I felt lowed it to my body to improve my health, fitness and try and remedy an on-going problem with my knee. At first I was assigned a female trainer and she was lovely but soon left for pastures new. At that point I was a bit worried that a male trainer would be too macho and work me too hard, but how wrong I was to think that.

I can't speak highly enough of Duncan Edwards and Bodyguards Gym. Duncan is motivational, encouraging, inspirational, committed to the health of all of his clients and a lovely bloke. There are, no negatives to training with him. He has a gentle manner and doesn't bully, but cleverly gets you to push yourself sometimes without you realising that you are. Having him explain how the muscles work when doing a particular exercise has really helped my training and understanding of how the body works, which I find fascinating. The benefits to my health have been increased stamina, dropping a dress size, a clearer skin, a happier disposition and, with Duncan's determination and success in helping my knee problem, two legs which don't let me down.

I have been a member of one other Gym in the past but soon left. The fact that one year later I am still attending my weekly sessions with Duncan. is a testament to how much I can feel the benefit from going. The atmosphere at Bodyguards is lovely. People don't pose - everyone just gets on with their own fitness regime yet there is support from the other clients and the other trainers.

Recently when I went shopping for Christmas outfits I sent Duncan a text to say that the first time in 15 years I was able to buy tops which were one size smaller. You can't ask for more evidence than that.

If you want to increase your fitness, improve your health and feel better about yourself you should pick up the phone and give Duncan a ring.