Dear Steve,

This is a good opportunity to say how pleased I am that I took the brave step of contacting BodyGuards for an assessment. After suffering a prolapsed disc in my lower back, I had lost the courage in my ability and was gradually becoming less and less fit. The initial assessment was very thorough and it soon becomes obvious that the strength of my core muscles was the main problem.

Gemma devised a programme of activities based on strengthening my core muscles starting with very basic exercises. After just three weeks of core work, my back was feeling much stronger and my confidence began to return. With Gemma’s understanding, patience and humour we have gradually increased the level of difficulty of the exercises that I would never have had the courage to do. Each session ends with relevant stretches and I’ve come to look forward to what I call “noodle time!”

I can see now is a continued development in the strength of my core muscles. My everyday mobility is so good I can’t believe the difference. I’m constantly more active, not as tired and my vitality is returning. The best bit is that my body fat percentage has decreased by over 3 % in 12 weeks!

Thanks again to BodyGuards and Gemma for giving me the inspiration and the motivation to make a change that makes so much difference.

Yours sincerely

Susan Dodds